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Safety Information


As handlers and transporters of a hazardous material, all of us at Propane Advantage recognize the tremendous responsibility we have to each other, to our Customers, and to the members of the communities we serve. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why the attention we give to safety is second to none. Our Employees undergo significant classroom and hands-on training before they’re allowed to deliver propane to our Customers. They also undergo periodic refresher training to help remind them of the important steps they should follow while on the job each and every day. 

We’re also committed to making sure our Customers understand the product that fuels the appliances in and around their home or business. The following e-learning modules are intended to help you better understand propane, the best practices for its handling and use, and your propane system. Each of the modules takes less than 10 minutes to complete. This is important information that you can share with your family whenever and as often as you want. If you use propane, we encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing important safety measures. Click here to learn more.